Proper nutrition is essential to the CrossFit program and necessary to meet one’s individual fitness goals. Nutrition is the foundation on which we build our fitness performance. Whether your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle, we will help increase your results by educating you on how to properly fuel yourself through your food. No gimics, no “ fad diets”, just some hard work and nutrition plans that are tried and true. We host 3-4 month long nutrition challenges throughout the year with prizes for the winners as an added incentive. For some individuals, changing their eating habits can prove to be very difficult, in some cases more difficult than committing to a workout routine. We have experienced great results with these challenges due to the fact that you will have fellow gym members working on similar goals right beside you helping to motivate and encourage you to see it through to the end. Some of the methods we practice and preach are known as the Paleo or Primal diet, a food quality approach to nutrition, or the Macros or Zone Diet, a food quantity approach to nutrition. Proper nutrition will not only improve your workouts and body composition, but it will give you more energy in your daily life.