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Practicing yoga can be the perfect complement to Crossfit, providing balance in your physical training. Yoga can help you to become more aware of your body and posture as you learn to move slowly and purposefully, facilitating the execution of many Crossfit movements.

A regular yoga practice may improve your balance, strength, mobility, and flexibility. You will also learn to use breathing techniques that can help to increase your lung capacity while providing both mental and physical benefits and enhancing your Crossfit performance. Yoga can also provide a way to alleviate stress in your daily life, and you may even notice that you sleep better!!

In our yoga class, you will.

  • Work on shoulder stability
  • Increase flexibility and strength in your toes, feet, calves, quads, hamstrings, wrists, back, hips, and more…..
  • Discover how to better connect to and use your core
  • Improve your alignment, posture, and balance
  • Learn to become more aware of how your body moves and isolate certain muscles through slow and controlled movements
  • Become more aware of proper breathing techniques

Our yoga class is on Sunday mornings at 8:30am and lasts about 60-70 minutes, ending with savasana, a guided relaxation. Wear comfortable clothing that will stretch with you. If you prefer to use your own mat, you are welcome to bring it, although mats will be provided at the gym. Classes address all levels and are in the vinyasa flow style which links several poses together to create strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility. Members are encouraged to sign in via ZenPlanner. Yoga classes are complimentary for unlimited memberships. For those with other memberships a 5-session punchcard can be purchased.



Email [email protected] with any questions.